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Fundamentals of Multiconductor Transmission Line Analysis (3.5Hr)

M. Nakhla   and   R. Achar

(ISBN 0-9731047-2-4; First Edition: May 1, 2002; Omniz Global Knowledge Corporation)

This book discusses the principles and theory of multiconductor transmission line (MTL) networks. The book starts with the fundamentals of transmission lines, assumes no background of the area from the reader. The material presented contains literature reviews, numerous examples, illustrations, animations and necessary relations/ derivations of MTL analysis.

The book covers in detail, the concept of Telegrapher's equations and how they are formulated for both single and multiconductor transmission line networks. Also it presents the concept and derivation of a general stamp for both single and multiconductor structures, so that they can be easily included in general-purpose circuit simulators, such as SPICE. The discussion covers the case of both lossless and lossy structures. Also it covers the related areas such as systematic formulation of circuit equations in the presence of interconnects, major interconnect simulation issues, transient simulation etc.

The book has been developed in an easy-to-understand style and with in-depth coverage of multiconductor transmission line analysis. It gives an insight into the theory and fundamentals MTL networks through intense multimedia presentations. The material presented is useful for designers, application engineers, signal integrity engineers, CAD tool developers as well as to those interested in understanding the area of high-speed interconnects and transmission lines. This CD based multimedia book contains approximately 3.5 hours of intense multimedia presentations.


  1. Single Transmission Line Networks

  2. Multiconductor Transmission Line Networks

  3. Simulation: Formulation, Lumped Macromodels and Related Issues

  4. Exam

  5. References

I. Single Transmission Line Networks

1. Distributed Models: TEM and Quasi-TEM Modes
2. Telegraphers' Equations: Single Line
     * Derivation
3. Transmission Line Stamp
     * Propagation Constant and Characteristic Impedance
     * General Solution
     * Derivation of Y-parameters
4. Example
5. References

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II. Multiconductor Transmission Line Networks

1. MTL Telegrapher's Equations
2. MTL Stamp
    * Decoupling MTL Equations
    * General Solution of MTL Equations
    * Terminal Relations : Y-parameters
    * Summary of the Algorithm
    * Example
3.  Matrix-Exponential Stamp and Hybrid Parameters
4.  Test-Match
5.  References

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III. Simulation: Formulation, Lumped Macromodels and Related Issues

1. Simulation of distributed interconnects
    * Formulation of Circuit Equations
2. Interconnect Simulation Issues
    * Mixed Frequency/Time
    * CPU Expense
3. Transient Simulation
    * Discrete Lumped RLC Macromodels
    * Determining Number of Sections
    * Example

4. Exam
5. References

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IV. Exam

This book has a complete exam which is designed to test the level of one's understanding after completing the study. The questions are such that they broadly cover the material taught in the course and are formulated to reinforce the concepts learnt during the study. The solutions, corrected exam and the final marks are provided after the completion of the exam.

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V. References

A Comprehensive list of related references in the leading IEEE international journals and conferences is provided.

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Copyright 2002, Omniz Global Knowledge Corporation. All rights reserved.
Revised: 07/20/2002

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