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Principles of Circuit and Interconnect Simulation (2Hr)

M. Nakhla   and   R. Achar

(ISBN 0-9731047-1-6; First Edition: May 1, 2002; Omniz Global Knowledge Corporation)

This multimedia based book discusses the principles and algorithms used in conventional analog circuit simulators such as SPICE.

The book starts by introducing various terminologies and basic concepts used in analog circuit simulators. This is followed by a detailed coverage of formulation of circuit equations (modified nodal analysis MNA) and device stamps for most commonly used analog circuit components. Also it outlines how to systematically build a circuit matrix from a given netlist. Then it introduces the reader to the underlying principles of frequency and time-domain analysis. This is followed by a systematic formulation of circuit equations in the presence nonlinear elements and high-speed interconnect subnetworks. Also it provides a discussion on major interconnect simulation issues.

This CD based multimedia book contains approximately two hours of intense multimedia presentations and is offered in a user-friendly desk-top environment where one can learn the in-depth valuable material at his own pace and chosen time-schedule. The material presented is useful for designers as well as to those interested in understanding the internals of analog circuit simulators such as SPICE. It is also very useful to managers, application engineers and the marketing staff, working in the area of analog circuit simulators and analog designs.


  1. Introduction and Basic Concepts

  2. Formulation of Circuit Equations

  3. Frequency and Time-Domain Analysis

  4. Exam

  5. References

I. Introduction and Basic Concepts

1. Review of Circuit Simulation
2. Netlist
3. Example
4. References

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II. Formulation of Circuit Equations

1. Formulation of Circuit Equations: KCL
2. MNA Formulation and Device Stamps
    a) Resistors
         Example - 1
    b) Capacitors
    c) Current Sources
         Example - 2
    d) Voltage Sources
    e) Inductors
         Example - 3
3. References

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III. Frequency and Time-Domain analysis

1. Frequency-Domain Analysis

2. Time-Domain Analysis
     * Formulation
     * Solution Techniques
3. Nonlinear Components
     * Formulation
     * Solution Techniques
4. Summary of Circuit Equations
5. High-Speed Distributed Interconnects
     * Formulation
     * Simulation Issues
6. Exam,     Test-Match,     References

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IV. Exam

This book has a complete exam which is designed to test the level of one's understanding after completing the study. The questions are such that they broadly cover the material taught in the course and are formulated to reinforce the concepts learnt during the study. The solutions, corrected exam and the final marks are provided after the completion of the exam.

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V. References

A Comprehensive list of related references in the leading IEEE international journals and conferences is provided.

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Copyright 2002, Omniz Global Knowledge Corporation. All rights reserved.
Revised: 07/20/2002

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