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Through a partnership with OMNIZ, IEEE offers its members, special discount of 10% on OMNIZ's courses.  OMNIZ specializes in providing state-of-the-art multimedia based training courses on various emerging areas, including VLSI and microelectronics. Experts with OMNIZ spend their valuable time in developing the courses, in an easy-to-understand style and with in-depth coverage. On the other hand, the rest of the millions will grasp the concepts in only few hours.  It is the goal of the OMNIZ  to bring the supreme knowledge to your desk-top and to empower learning.

IEEE members, to be eligible for the discount, please indicate your access code on the course-order-form. Non-IEEE members specify the code as "nonmem".

*Now Introducing comprehensive multimedia book series on Signal Integrity*


Special 10% Discount to  IEEE Members






1. Introduction to High-Speed Circuit and Interconnect Analysis (Contents, Buy)
2. Principles of Circuit and Interconnect Simulation (Contents, Buy)
3. Fundamentals of Multiconductor Transmission Line Analysis (Contents, Buy)
4. Model-Reduction Algorithms: Principles, AWE, CFH and Macromodeling (Contents, Buy)
5. Theory of Eigenvalue Analysis and Orthogonal Systems (Contents, Buy)
6. Krylov Subspace Techniques for Circuit and Interconnect Analysis (Contents, Buy)

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